Software developer. Social entrepreneur on the make.

Brief outline

I live between different worlds. Germany, Spain and #the globe. Or technical, social and personal. Or my girlfriend, my daugther and myself.

It's not an easy task to keep focused when you are passionate about lots of stuff, so my way is to keep calm whatever happens and enjoy the trip of life anytime.


First years: standard european growup story

Birth in Spain, Europe. City move a couple of times.
Arrival into the University to become a Telecommunications Engineer.

Exploration time: into the world without a net

Half a year in Aberdeen, Scotland. Learning practices in northern Spain.
Qualify as High School teacher. Go living in a community. Pilgrimage.
Startup a Fair Trade Shop in a small touristic village. Learn about Social Economy.
Leave the shop. Follow some German girl.

Settling down: going technical

Arrival in Leipzig, Germany. Apply to learn the local language.
Fall in love with Rails and Ruby. Get onto Linux.
Job at the School of Telecommunications from the Deutsche Telekomm.
First paid job as Rails developer. Become father! Love my mini-me girl.
Start up udeci.de, a social network and platform for polls and discussions. Scramble family with work. Fail miserably.
Create yet another local currency in Leipzig.
Divorce. Work first for a medical startup, focus on Rails and JS. Work for, finally!, an agile software company on Angular, Ember and more Rails. Long live microservices.

Self-employed, coordinated, fulltime parenting

Synchronized with several people, give life to TeleCommons, a Telco wannabe with Commonning ambitions. Receive full responsability for my daughter: big time, papa!
Install and manage TeleCommons Cloud Platform.
Help Oxfam Germany with their Christmas calender.

The future: you are welcome

In the talks for joiningKarte von morgen team?

Developing skills (not exhaustive)


  • Agile
  • Analytics
  • APIs
  • BEM
  • Continuous deployment
  • Integrations
  • Kanban
  • Lean Startup
  • Microservices
  • Mobile first
  • NoSQL
  • Scrum
  • TDD
  • Virtualization
  • VoIP
  • ...

Languages / Frameworks

  • Angular
  • Coffeescript
  • CSS
  • Highcharts
  • Javascript
  • Jquery
  • JSON
  • Markup
  • Rack
  • Rails
  • Ruby
  • Sass
  • Slim
  • SQL
  • ...


  • Ansible
  • Cloud computing
  • FreeSwitch
  • FusionPBX
  • Git
  • Heroku
  • JSON
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Nextcloud
  • Postgres
  • Shell
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • ...



Title Description Stage Status More info
TeleCommons Communication in our hand. Users as project owners, workers as stewards, purpose business. Striving for sufficiency Open
Terra Honor A Humanity Prize with a democratic jury: all of us. Concept Open
  • Yet undisclosed
Money system Too big to fail, tax havens, banking crisis and instabilities, expanding inequality of wealth distribution, ecological crisis due to eternally unsustainable GDP expansion on one side. Why is it an issue and why should I care? Degrowth alternatives, social and share economy, distributed ledger cryptocurrencies on the other. Are there sound and practicable solutions? A personal study on money, its forms and impact in our lives, and some ideas on strategies and ways out of the chaos. Research and theoretical development Dormant
New learning platform New learning styles are appearing aroud the world and Germany is no exception. These school initiatives which focus on guided self-determination of the student's learning path and away from frontal teaching need technical support with the new procedures and resources that must be managed in the form of a mobile computing application for students and teachers. Fund raising Closed
IT cooperative As birds of a feather, programmers have their own ways of thriving. Usually they long to flock together and that's what some of us intended to do in Leipzig. Out of this attemp TeleCommons was born. Thank you, pals!. Proof of Concept Closed
and more...


  • Telecommunications Engineer
  • High School Teacher
  • Leisure Activities Instructor
  • Proficiency in English, German and Spanish
  • Several other minor courses